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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Photos, Photos,& an update! :)

So far, this has been an amazing journey! The kids have been home a little over 2 months, and things are getting better!! It has been a rough road, but God has been leading us through these times of adjustment and frustration.

Genevie, our 6 year old girl, decided that she liked the name we gave her 'Liana', pronounced lee-AHN-ah. We chose this name because in Hebrew it means "God has answered." We really liked Genevie, but we gave her the choice of what to be called. This was an adjustment for me, as I kept forgetting to call her Liana, and continued to call her Genevie. Finally, we made it a game and she would purposely call me 'daddy' when I called her Genevie to remind me in a fun way, that her name is now Liana. She has a great, loving personality. She is amazed by everything! She was completely amazed by the automatic doors at Target! She was shy at first to touch the door, and it was fun watching her see this for the first time!
She was also wow-ed by the washer and dryer. In Liberia, all laundry is hand washed and hung to dry. One of her duties at her home was to wash her own clothes each day. She really enjoys helping and being busy. She picks up on things easily. She knew how to come very close to writing her name after I showed her twice! She is very smart and extremely strong-spirited. She does not break easily!

The little man that never smile
d, WhiteMan, became used to his new name, Samuel after only a few days while in Africa with him. We chose Samuel because it means "God hears", because of Hannah and Samuel's amazing journeys(Bible), and because in my dream I saw a little guy named 'Samuel'!

He has literally transformed into a new child within the past two months! He was lathargic, not too happy, and non smiley in Liberia. He would eat so much food while we were there, he did not know when to stop. He would eat until he would just hold the food in his mouth and not know what to do, but he did not want to stop eating, that's for sure! He looked like one of those world vision children, with the bloated stomach and herniated umbilical. He had scars all over his body, horrible scars. He was not a happy little man. He did not really want to play much either. Now, he is a really happy guy 99% of the time. He has lots of energy, smiles constantly, and talks a lot! He will color, play, and run around outside! He talks a lot, which is a huge improvement. He is beginning to put words together and make sentences and ask questions about things. He is so fun and loving! He now loves to give mommy and daddy kisses! The pediatrician says he is only 2, not 4 as we had originally been told.

Liana has told us so much about life in Africa. She talks about her tribe, about her birth mama, her bio siblings. She talks about living with her Aunt (which she calls her second mama) and her siblings there. She remembers everything. The day she went to live at the orphanage, and all the people she met along the way. She really seems to be adjusting very well to life here and now loves her new siblings here. She calls me 'mommy' or 'third mama'. I am just glad she likes me. She talks about things that she ate in Africa. We have a really great African market up the street, The owners are from Ghana and seem to like it when Liana comes in to ask for more FuFu and Bilabong soup! We have made several African meals (with the market owner's help!!)

Here are fun photos of the gang in the last two months!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007



Erich and I stayed in Belgium for a few days before heading to Africa. After we stayed in Africa for 7 days with our precious new children, we were told that we would have to stay more days. I flew home on schedule solo and Erich waited with the children another 7 days in Liberia for their visas.

I will add some photos later, but for now you can check out www.journeytome.com for some photos the Login is "Owen" and the password is "gensam"


Friday, March 16, 2007



So much has happened since the last post, however I will jump to current events. We received a call monday evening letting us know that our kids received their passports today! :)

We are leaving on April 5th to bring them home. Our route is Nashville to D.C. to Brussels, Belgium, where we will stay a night. Then, on to Monrovia, Liberia. We will arrive Sunday evening in Liberia and hopefully meet Gen and Samuel on Monday morning!!

We will stay 7 days in Monrovia. We should arrive back in Nashville on April 16th.

We have been busy packing, last minute paperwork, and buying for them.

God is Good. His timing is perfect!! :)


Sunday, February 11, 2007

5 Passports were signed!!!

There have now been 5 passports signed!! Yeah :))
One sibling group of two received both their passports and that family is preparing to travel!! We are so excited for the family. There were three other passports signed, however they all belong to sibling groups and the families are still waiting on the other siblings passports!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Update on Kids Passports.... :(

We have just been told that Gen and Samuel's names are in the Nov/Dec list of passports for the Liberian Gov't to sign...The Gov't is currently beginning to sign the Sept/Oct list, which has 15 AoH children. This means that we have at least 15 children in front of ours, and then ours can be signed. This also means that we will probably not travel until middle of Feb or Late Feb! :(
Please keep all the children in the orphanage you prayers...

Monday, January 15, 2007


JUST WANT TO SAY,"YEAH" THAT ERICH'S PASSPORT AND LIBERIAN VISA ARRIVED TODAY! HE IS READY TO TRAVEL, except his bags are not packed just yet.....but he is working on it! At this point, I think he would go pick them up without any bags!! :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mising Them...

This past few weeks have been a mixture of emotions for us. On one hand, we are getting close to bringing them home and we are so happy and excited. And, on the other we have been told that passports may not arrive until Late January or Early Feb. which makes us very sad. We are beginning to pack for the trip. Erich will be traveling to Liberia. It is exciting to see the bag being filled, but sad that it is still there! Erich is joyous to go and see the kids and be on their "turf" to meet them, but anxious about the enviornment.
We have had a sadness because family/friends have not been as supportive as we had thought they would have been throught this. However God has placed many people, some whom we barely know, in substitute and received hope, love, and support through them. It is hard when our kids ask when their brother and sister are coming, sometimes twice a day and we have to say, not today.

There has been many tears (streams and rivers) shed over the past month, and I am not an emotional person. There have been many, many joyous occasions as well. God has been faithful through all this and as long as I am serving Him, I know He is with me and will never leave me. He will give us the strenght to endure our circumstances to fulfil His will. We will continue to be patient, ask for His strengh, and probably shed more tears.

When Gen and Samuel arrive home, it will SO be worth it. And, when we look back, I know God will reveal lessons that we learned along the way. I have learned to trust that He is a BIG God and that He will give you whatever you need only when you surrender to Him. I am grateful for His forgiveness, love, and teachings.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More Photos.....

We have more photos of Genevie and Samuel !!!!

The orphange reports that they are doing great!!!!

Genevie's really cool hair style!

Monday, November 06, 2006

New Pictures of Genevie and Samuel

12/4/06-UPDATE We have just found out that our adoption is complete! :)
We are very excited. The paperwork and documents are all done. God has been very amazing at how He provides for us! The children's $$ are all paid for... now raising funds for the traveling expenses...And, on their end...We are awaiting the kids passports....
Expected travel could be as early as Late- January 2007!!!!!
Thanks for supporting our children and Liberia!

Also, Stay tuned....we are going to have some original artwork from famous artist/comics/illustrators to raffle in order to raise funding for their travel......more soon!

One new photo of Samuel as well--What a cute smile. God's precious little one!

Pictures of our Children...

Genevie has a great smile ! :)
Samuel looks so cute!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Liberian Photos through BBC News

The BBC (my favourite news reporter) has recently reported a few stories about Liberia and has some pictures. (Thanks, BBC for caring!)

I challange you to really look at these photos, not just the subject of the photo, but the surrounding areas, the persons clothing, the 'rubbish' lying all around, the destruction of the buildings, the homes they live in. Pray that the Liberian people find hope in the midst of rebuilding their homes, their lives, and their government.

BBC News Photos of Liberia:
picture #2-can you imagine living there?
picture #6-can you imagine your daughter with the ripped shirt
picture #9-there is NO electricity, no street lights are working
picture #11- there is NO PIPING FOR WATER, meaning NO RUNNING WATER.

Vigilantes take on Liberian Gangs http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/5357718.stm
BBC News 19 September 2006 by Ledgerhood Rennie

Monrovia Voters Hope for a new Dawn http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/4332836.stm
BBC News 12 October 2005 by Joseph Winter

Friday, October 06, 2006

Our Beautiful Children

Meet our new family members....

Genevie and "Ankel"

Genevie is 6 years old. "Ankel" is 3 years.

We are very excited about bringing them home.
The paperwork is being completed and estimated arrival time is five months from now!

Genevie and "Ankel"

"And whoever welcomes a little child in My name welcomes Me"
Matthew 18:5

Please cover them in prayer as they begin their journey home. Lots of paperwork will be completed. Please pray for their adjustment to a new home, new people, new friends. Pray that the government will remain stable for all the people. Pray for the orphans that continue to live there.

Tax Deductible Contributions are welcomed to bring these orphans home!
Please contribute to
"Acres of Hope"
29525 Four Corners Store Rd
Mason, WI 54856
"OWEN ADOPTION" needs to go in the MEMO field

James 1:27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: To look after orphans and widows in their distress...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Liberian Photos and Links

(under construction...)

These are some of the Liberian Photos and websites that I have found...

Webstite : http://www.tlcafrica.com/tlc05_album25.htm
Pictures by Pultizer Prize Winner Carolyn Cole
Entitled : "The Liberian Tragedy through Photography"




"Neglect & Decay"

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Fund-Raising through Current Catalog

In our efforts to raise funding for our adoption, we are doing a fund-raiser through Current Catalogs.

Log on to www.currentfun.com

Here's how it works:
1. Log On to the website above and choose "Start Shopping Now"
2. Pick out any of their items, such as gift cards, wrapping, magazing subscriptions, plates, kitchen items, decor, gifts, and much more!
*note--you are purchasing directly through them, not us. We never get any of your purchasing, credit card, or any information from them. They will also ship your items DIRECTLY to you.
3. After adding your items to the cart, choose 'proceed to check out'.
4. It will then prompt you to choose your organization.
5. Then type your billing, shipping, etc. information.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Acres of Hope Adoption Agency

These pictures and information facts are found at the Acres of Hope website, our adoption agency.

Facts about Liberia:
•Area: 43,000 square miles
•Population: 3.3 million (68% is under 15 yrs.)
•Live expectancy: 42 years
•Capitol: Monrovia
•Official Language: English
•Unemployment: 90%
•Illiteracy rate approximately 85%
•Health care virtually nonexistent
After 14 years of war, the Liberian people are ready to move toward a better tomorrow.

The Liberian civil war broke out in 1989 and has been rated one of the most deadly and devastating wars ever fought in Africa. Its wrath left the entire population suffering and thousands of children orphaned. There is no electricity, running water, or mail service. Generators, wells and cell phones are a luxury. The people have been left with a broken and tattered country, and yet the spirit of the Liberian people is extraordinary. They have endured and survived multiple challenges.

Acres of Hope is committed to enhancing the lives of children in Liberia by providing food, medical care, educational opportunity, and a safe, nurturing environment for those in need of assistance.

Acres of Hope has a great resource for more of their pictures. Go to http://www.acresofhope.org/virtualtour.htm

Their organization just opened another orphanange and is in need of items for their orphans. Check out http://www.acresofhope.org/charitable.htm for their current list.